Digitalization and cloud technology - How HVAC OEMs can create a competitive edge

June 26, 2020

***No time to join us live? No problem: please register and you will receive access to the recorded webinar at a later point, so that you can watch it on-demand at your convenience****

What is this webinar about?

Our latest release of Climatix IC (a remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics solution for HVAC OEMs) delivers new tools enabling equipment to be optimized through cloud hosted logic. 

This is supported by a native API allowing the integration of IoT platforms and 3rd party data sources such as weather and external air quality.  

Please join us on this content rich webinar, hosted by two of the industry`s thought leaders to deep-dive on real use cases and innovation examples. 

What can you expect from attending this webinar?

  • Learn about real live use cases and benefits for HVAC OEMs of implementing cloud technology
  • Get a first insight into the newly released tools and features of Climatix IC
  • Discover how the new features enable analytics and equipment optimization
  • Find out how such a cloud-based solution is setup and configured
  • Learn how to get additional support, once you have been setup