Discover eCharging: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure as part of Future Cities


Webinar Overview:

Our cities are constantly growing, while existing infrastructure is beginning to reach its limits. As a result, a transport revolution is underway that will enable humans to move around cities in a safer, quicker and more environmental friendly manner. In this presentation, we will look into a missing perspective in the debate of electric mobility – how will EV infrastructure play a role in increasing the adoption of electric vehicles?


  • The compelling case for a change in mobility in our cities
  • Perspective: driver and infrastructure
  • The 5 key enabler of EV infrastructure 

Karim Mousa

Business Development Manager for Future Grids and Renewables, MENA, SIEMENS

Karim Mousa is the Middle East business development manager for future grids and renewables at Siemens, where he focuses on integrating photovoltaic, energy storage and electric mobility systems into the smarter cities of the future. For over 10 years, Karim has been involved in both the renewable and conventional energy industries in the MENA region.