Discover Energy Efficiency: Demand Flow Chilled Water Plant Optimization



In many buildings, chilled-water and air distribution systems are one of the biggest contributors to energy wastage. This represents thoughts of dollars wasted every year. 

Siemens Demand Flow is an intelligent, powerful and proven offering which optimizes both chilled water and air distribution systems – without compromising on building comfort. Explore innovative ways to reduce operating costs while achieving your sustainable goals. 

This webinar explains the need for such a solution, working principles , benefits and case studies of Demand Flow. 


  • Why chilled water plant optimization
  • Demand Flow control strategies & benefits
  • Case studies in the Middle East and beyond 
  • Project development process
  • Question & Answer

Uday Kulkarni

Head of Solution Development, Energy & Performance Services, Middle-East, SIEMENS

Uday Kulkarni is a seasoned professional, with 15+ years’ experience that including cross sector experience and proven track record in energy efficiency, critical air flow applications, processes and guidelines on sustainability.
He contributed to 50 mn USD + energy performance contracting projects in multiple countries and played key role as initiative owner in new and matured markets for energy efficiency projects. He has certifications and training in Energy auditing and Energy management, M&V, LEED, CDM and has experiences mix of product and solutions selling in various verticlals.

Henry Jeha

Senior Energy Engineer

Henry is a senior engineer with multiple years of advanced experience in energy engineering, energy management and sustainability. His core experience is in developing and implementing innovative solutions that reduce facility energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs. He is adept in establishing energy and sustainability programs and leading cross-functional teams to deliver program goals.