Electrifying Bus Fleets in Asia Pacific: What would the bus depot of the future look like?


What will the bus depot of the future look like? Join thought leaders from Siemens, BloombergNEF and Electromotiv as they discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges with electrifying Asia Pacific's bus fleet. 

Date: 22 July 2020
Time: 11am (CEST +8)

You will hear more about:

  • Market trends and expectations in the near future
  • Addressing the complexities associated with the transition to eBuses
  • Opportunities within the eBus market 
  • New stakeholders and business models
  • Ecosystem of Charging buses
  • Future proofing eCharging
  • Best practices in Asia Pacific 

Siddhant Gupta

Siddhant Gupta is the Head of Future Grid for Asia Pacific, where he is responsible for the grid edge products and solutions in renewable energy, energy storage and electric mobility. He is passionate about driving transformation to decarbonize the mobility and energy sector, and has worked across the globe in various industries from technology, energy and consulting. In his previous role in role in Siemens as an associate in the CEO Excellence program, he led topics around digitalization & energy storage in Germany and the USA.

Allen Tom Abraham

Allen Tom Abraham is the lead analyst covering the advanced transportation sector at BloombergNEF for South and Southeast Asia. He focuses on analyzing market and policy dynamics, building forecasts and data sets and providing forward-looking insights for the sector. He provides strategic market insights to major global utilities, automobile companies, financial firms, government organizations and multilateral agencies. He previously worked as a Management Consultant with Deloitte Consulting and advised major power companies and multi-laterals on the power markets in South and South East Asia.

Olivia Laskowski

As an electrical engineer, Olivia Laskowski has over 12 years of experience in diverse industries including electric vehicle charging and smart grid solutions, energy efficient building technologies and rail automation, signalling and communication. Within her current role at Future Grid, she focuses on electric vehicle charging infrastructure portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, covering AC and DC charging from residential through to high power heavy vehicle and niche industry applications.

Toby Roxburgh

Toby is an advocate and entrepreneur for transitioning the transport sector to zero emissions. He co-founded Electromotiv 3 years ago which delivers turn-key renewable transport refilling solutions (electric and hydrogen) & supports operators and governments in the transition. Toby is an electrical and electronics engineer, has built up 5 companies in the renewable energy space and has with over 17 years of experience in sustainable energy projects across the energy delivery spectrum: from education and energy policy through to cost benefit analysis, feasibility, design, construction, commissioning, operation and finance.