Fire protection for Li-ion battery energy storage systems


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What is it about?

Li-ion battery storage facilities contain high energy batteries combined with highly flammable electrolytes. Li-ion batteries are also prone to quick ignition. Fire in such storage facilities can have a significant financial impact on the organization. There is a need to detect both electrolyte fire and electrolyte gas early. Rapid extinguishing is also essential and can be ensured by the use of automated extinguishing systems. Hence, critical situations can be prevented through early detection and rapid extinguishing. 

In this webinar we will present:

  • Why energy storage systems are getting more important
  • How new business opportunities are created with energy storage systems 
  • Why active fire protection systems are important for Li-ion battery energy storage systems (LIBESS)
  • Siemens unrivalled VdS approved fire protection concept for LIBESS 

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Our speakers

Marina Bacevic

Webinar Host

Marina Bacevic is a global Marketing Communications Manager at Siemens Smart Infrastructure based in Zug, Switzerland. Marina has over 5 years’ experience in the field of business communications, digital marketing, and sales.

Gerd Hülsen

Global Head of Fire Safety Application Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Hülsen is the Global Head of Fire Safety Application Engineering at Siemens Smart Infrastructure Building Products based in Zug, Switzerland.
He began his professional life as a consulting engineer in a well-known engineering company for building automation and control.
Since joining Siemens in 1998 Gerd Hülsen worked in several functions of product management, product marketing and application engineering in the areas of access control and fire safety in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.